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ALE High Precision Balance
ALE High Precision Balance
FB-20 Digital Baby Scale
FB-20 Digital Baby Scale
Wall Mounted Microtoise (Height measuring instrument)
Wall Mounted Microtoise (Height measuring instrument)
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FPSI is now on its 41st year!
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Beat the Flabs, Measure the Fats
Fatty, brawny, chubby, beefy, huge, broad, and worst, obese—these are words that a lot of us are struggling to get over with.

You’re lucky if you haven’t experienced being called one of these quite demeaning words, but for most of us, we can’t deny the fact that at one point or another in our lives, we have felt that stinging sensation from being teased with one of these name calls or any other terms that relate to that single word—"fat."

However, even if we want to appease ourselves and cushion the truth so as not to diminish our confidence, we must admit that it’s us who can control what goes in and on our body. Like Kirstie Alley, the popular "Cheers" actress, once said, "I am the one who got myself fat, who did all the eating. So I had to take full responsibility for it."

If you have just made that steadfast decision to work your body out and achieve that ideal figure and weight, then there are certain things you need to know.

You can measure fats

Excessive bad fats can lead to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and increased exposure to cardiovascular diseases. You do not want to end up getting a stroke, right?

Now, how can you really measure your body fat? Today, with the advent of technology, that can be done in a breeze. All you need is to grab one of these precise Tanita Body Fat Analyzers and voila! You’ll discover everything you need to know about your fat levels, weight, muscle mass, and even body water!

Keeping ourselves fit and limiting our body fats to the desired level is always important, not only to maintain a beautiful figure your friends and acquaintances envy but also to prevent us from getting arthritis, gallstones, and various vascular and cardiovascular diseases.

Get your Tanita Body Fat Analyzer now and achieve that fab body every one is dreaming of. Beat the flabs today! Measure your body fats!
FPSI achieved ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System
iso for brochures.jpg
First Philippine Scales, Inc. is the countries leading multi awarded manufacturer of weighing devices.

FPSI has recently completed the ISO 9001:2008 certification for Quality Management System. FPSI was certified as ISO 9001:2008 for its compliance to demonstrate consistency in providing customer requirement and enhance customer through effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and assuring the conformity to customer statutory and regulatory requirements.

Mrs. Amparo Policarpio, President and Founder of FPSI, commented "As we continuously strive to achieve excellence for more than 30 years being awarded as ISO 9001:2008 certified will attest the company’s commitment to provide quality product and services to customer".

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the World’s largest developer and publisher of International Standards. ISO is a non-governmental organization that forms a bridge between the public and private sectors.
Waterproof Scales
Weighing Scales have been used for numerous applications but electronic and digital weighing scales have been limited to environments that are not humid, wet, or subject to rainfall. This perennial problem has been finally addressed by First Philippine Scales Inc., the country's leading manufacturer and distributor of top-of-the-line weighing scales, with their introduction of Waterproof Digital Weighing Scales.

Incorporating various high-end technologies like built-in PC Network and Serial Connectivity, Label Printer that allow custom labels and barcodes, large memory capability, these products like the Ishida IWX-50 Platform Scale, and H2O Scale can address your weighing scale needs whether it is in the marketplace or out on the farm, from small items to livestock and produce! These scales, having a rating of IP67 (International Waterproof Rating), can be submerged for underwater weighing applications.

For other “dry” weighing scale needs, FPSI also offers various commercial weighing scales like the Ishida ASTRA XT (with label printer). FPSI has gained a reputation through the years in building high quality custom scales catering to the customer’s specific needs ranging from ship-building applications to DOH-approved ruggedized infant scales for remote health centers.

Whatever your weighing scale requirements are, FPSI can meet your needs!
FPSI Unveils A New Look To Its Website
After achieving another landmark with its 30th Anniversary Celebration, First Philippine Scales Inc. again leads the way with a better and improved look to FPSI’s website (www.timbangan.ph). The new website provides easier access to information about its products and services, contact information, and everything an individual or organization would need to know about FPSI in addition to making surfing the site more enjoyable with audio and video clips.

Utilizing the latest internet technologies, FPSI’s website will utilize Animation and other Multi-Media to further enhance the user’s experience of its site. This functionality is available for users that utilize both broadband and dial-up connections. For those with slower dial-up connections, FPSI also provides a simpler site that is quick to download yet with the same functionality and access to information provided in the fancier version.
Fuji Hanging Scale Improved
FPSI Re-Introduces A More Advanced FUJI Hanging Mechanical Weighing Scale (FHH)

FPSI is proud to re-introduce the new and enhanced FUJI Hanging Mechanical Weighing Scale (FHH) to the Philippine Market. Combining an improved external design and a new Advanced Internal Damping Technology (AIDT) incorporated into its mechanism, the FHH is aimed at providing a more accurate and flexible approach to weighing various commodities in rigorous environments that require the use of hanging mechanical weighing scales.

One of the changes made to the external design of the weighing scale is the use of a new swivel mount system that allows the scale to be rotated 360 without affecting the display of the weight of the item. The old design limited the scale to a single direction and any movement cause the needle of the scale to move.

Incorporating the Mechanical Weighing Scale Technology from Ishida Corp. of Japan, FPSI developed what it calls its Advanced Internal Damping Technology (AIDT) that reduces the amount of discrepancy of the weight reading that results when the hook of the weighing scale experiences movement like swinging of the pan. The previous model experienced major movement of the needle whenever the pan was intentionally or unintentionally left swinging.

The re-introduced FUJI Hanging Mechanical Weighing Scale is available in 4Kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20Kg variants with attachments.
FPSI is now on its 33rd year!
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FPSI is now on its 41st year!
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