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Pocket Scale » NLS-30 Luggage Scale
NLS-30 Luggage Scale

• Light Weight
• Pocket Size with Key Ring
• Unit conversion kg / lb / oz / lb:oz
• Uses only 1 battery (CR2032)
• With low battery indicator
• Stowable weighing hook
• Audible Beep when weighing result ready
Cap. x Grad.: 30kg x 50g

Each box of luggage scale contains:

1) Luggage scale unit

2) Battery

3) Luggage Strap / Scale Protector

Parts of the Luggage Scale:

A. Power / Zero Switch

• To turn on, momentarily slide the switch down for approximately 2 seconds, LCD will show "0.00" with weighing unit found underneath.

• Turn off the scale, slide the switch down and hold for about 2 seconds until displays turns off.

B. LCD Display

• Weight is shown with two (2) decimal places.

C. Unit Button

• Press this button found at the back to change the unit.

D. Key Ring

• Use this to hold the scale

E. Battery Compartment

• Turn counter clockwise to open and clockwise to close the compartment.

F. Weighing Hook

• Put / Place item to weigh on the hook.


• To handle the scale with care. Do not drop or shock load the scale.
• To avoid overloading the scale - make sure it doesn't go over the capacity (30kg), as it can permanently damage the sensor. If unsure of the luggage weight, you may load the scale slowly while observing its reading.
• To hold the ring instead of the hook, when weighing.
• To make sure the luggage and scale are not touching with other things (ex: other luggage or parts of your body) while weighing.
• That the scale's minimum weight is 400g.
• To change the battery when the "low battery" icon shows on the display.
• To remove the battery, if the scale will not be used for a long time.
• To not exert too much force when opening or closing the battery compartment.

When using the scale:

1. Release the weighing hook (F) from the stowed position and make sure it's pointing downward and freely moving.
2. If a strap is to be used, place it on the hook before turning on the scale.
3. Switch on the scale by momentarily sliding the switch (A). Wait for the scale to display "0" before weighing.
4. Place the luggage on the hook and lift the scale and luggage completely from the floor. Hold this position until the scale displays "HOLD" or a "beep" sound is heard.
5. Put then luggage back on the floor and read the weight (HOLD would be displayed signifying the stable value taken).
6. To weigh again, slide the switch (A) momentarily down.
7. The scale will automatically turn off after a period on inactivity / idle. Alternatively, you can slide and hold the switch (A) for 3 seconds (until the display turns off).
Price :   EMAIL
Model Capacity Graduation
NLS-30 30 kg 50 g
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