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As the homegrown weighing scale brand of the Philippines, the Fuji brand name has come a long way and has become the equivalent of quality weighing scales in the country. It has since grown from being a humble market weighing scale . From the weighing scales that weigh our food, to the weighing scales that protect our roads and bridges, Fuji weighing scales from First Philippine Scales, Inc. is a brand name that every Filipino should be proud of.


When First Philippine Scales, Inc. was just in its early years, the Ishida weighing scale from Japan was the weighing scale that the company imported to serve the Filipinos with reliable weighing scales. As First Philippine Scales had matured and continuously innovates their manufacturing processes, Ishida has since entrusted First Philippine Scales to produce its own Ishida mechanical table scale to be exported to their home markets.


Headquartered in Japan, Tanita is the world's pioneer and leader in Body Composition technology with its own research backed Tanita Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology. As Tanita continues to innovate and spearhead its own medical and fitness scales, First Philippine Scales continues support it as its exclusive distributor in the Philippines for its Body Composition Analysis scales. 


Located in New Zealand, Tru-Test prides itself in being the world's leader in animal weighing technology. As the local exclusive distributor of Tru-Test weighing devices, First Philippine Scales, Inc. shares in Tru-Test's vision of delivering smart, integrated management of livestock while supporting the growth of the local agricultural and livestock industries.


Not all weighing scales are made the same. Headquartered in Japan, Vibra's analytical balances from 1983 have grown to become one of the world leaders in precision weighing with its tuning fork sensor being used in its scales. First Philippine Scales is a proud partner of Vibra and is equipped and ready to serve the Philippines with Vibra's very own precision analytical balances.


A leader in its own country, Taiwan, Excell is a leader in electronic weighing scales ever since it started in 1979. As its partner in the Philippines, Excell shares its expertise and diverse products with First Philippine Scales to serve the Philippine market as well.


Virtual Measurements and Control (VMC) paved the way for customized weighing automation in the mid 1990's to help players in different industries increase productivity and has since expanded its reach to develop more weighing automation products. First Philippine Scales is a proud partner in sharing with VMC's vision of increasing productivity through weighing automation and is ready to serve the Philippine industry to become globally competitive.
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First Philippine Scales, Inc. (FPSI) is the Philippines' leading, multi-awarded and most innovative manufacturer of branded weighing devices - FUJI WEIGHING SCALES. It is considered as the premiere name in weighing scales and systems. Connect with us to learn more.
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