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Over the past 40 years, First Philippine Scales has worked with multiple local and international companies in the Philippines and abroad, serving them with solutions such as: 

  • Live Sea Animal Weigher
  • Ferry Boat Weigher
  • Bagging Machine Dispenser
  • Grain Dispensing Machine
  • Drum Filling Machine
  • Automatic Feeds Distribution System
  • Paint Filling Control System
  • Flour Batching Control System
  • 12 ingredient Batch Weighing Control System
  • 3 hopper Batch Weighing System
  • Hospital Human Height and Weight Capturing System
  • Loss In-Weight Batch Weighing Control
  • Wire Testing Machine
  • Digital Crush Tester
  • and many more!

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First Philippine Scales, Inc. (FPSI) is the Philippines' leading, multi-awarded and most innovative manufacturer of branded weighing devices - FUJI WEIGHING SCALES. It is considered as the premiere name in weighing scales and systems. Connect with us to learn more.
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